last update: 2024 June 19, 2024 12:05 PM

SwRI Boulder Office Status is


June 19 12:05 PM: Construction 1, IT 0 so far this morning. Fibers that we're using to move bits are being "tested", a few weeks after they were declared "done". Bits are falling to the floor (or more likely flying in straight lines until they illuminate an obstacle). New building nets are suffering. Check here for updates if we get any.
June 18 9:49 PM: Frequent slow behavior from many services isn't fully understood.
June 18 11:37 AM: Most recovery from the power outage is complete. Testing relevant services.
June 18 10:02 AM: Substantial power trouble in new building this morning. Most of SpaceOps affected, likely some switches that connect everything, too.
June 18 8:43 AM: A key SpaceOps computer appears to have lost power. Dirk's en route to check on it.

A link relevant to status of the SwRI/SA headquarters and ITC: